Serafina's Solace

Drama, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action



Dr. Serafina, a palliative care physician, forges an unexpected bond with Leo, a once-filmmaker facing a mysterious illness.

As Leo shares a film he began creating prior to his illness, Serafina becomes curious by its powerful message and pure vision. 

The film's narrative seems to resonate with her on a profound level, triggering her intuitive sense as it explores a return to a more natural and simple existence.

Awakening reflections about parenthood and the complexities of modern society. In this uncertain technological world where the past and future collide, time and reality seem to lose their conventional meaning.

Guided by Leo's prophetic perspective, she immerses herself in his artistic and spiritual world, seeking answers.

'Serafina's Solace' is a poignant exploration where paths intertwine, and their journey becomes a testament to the power of human consciousness, and the intricate relationship between humanity and the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence technology—an intersection between life, art, intuition, survival, and the future.

Leo, the patient searching for a cure, and Serafina, the doctor being cured by the patient, highlight the transformative power of emotional bonds and the potential for healing in unexpected places. How ingenuity and emotional connection can transcend even the most complex circumstances, offering solace in an uncertain present and future."


"Dr. Serafina forms a bond with Leo, a former filmmaker battling a mysterious illness. 

Captivated by his film, she navigates an uncertain technological dystopia, triggering feelings over the future and her parenthood. 

Leo, seeking a cure, and Serafina, being cured by the patient, highlight the transformative power of emotional bonds."

filmusikunst GmbH © all rights reserved  

Written by Jorge Riesenfeld & Angela Schwabenbauer                                              

Director, DP & Editor - Jorge Riesenfeld   

Executive Producer - Angela Schwabenbauer                                                                                                        

Music & Sound Design by Jorge Riesenfeld

Languages - English, French, Swiss German, Spanish

4K - Red Helium & Leica Lenses


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Produced by filmusikunst GmbH © all rights reserved

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